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Affordable Laser Dentistry at Glendale

At AZ Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, our mission is to provide state-of-the-art services to our patients using advanced technology and modern dentistry. Our facility is equipped with all the latest technology that allows us to deliver dental excellence.

Dental laser technology is a breakthrough in modern dentistry that has proven extremely effective and valuable. Laser therapy can treat various conditions, from reducing bacterial infection to removing fibromas and tackling periodontal diseases.

Traditional complicated dental procedures can now be performed easily with the help of dental lasers.

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Periodontal Care

Laser is a valuable resource in periodontal care. Laser therapy allows our expert dentists at Glendale to perform deep cleaning without causing any pain or discomfort. It efficiently removes damaged tissues and promotes healing.

Removal of Fibroma and Growth

Soft tissue growths are not only visually unappealing but potentially dangerous as well. In extreme cases, fibromas may indicate pre-cancer or obstruct breathing if left untreated.

Traditional growth removal procedures were performed under local anesthesia and were time-intensive. Today, laser technology allows our dentists at Glendale to easily and safely remove fibroma and growth without incision or anesthesia. The procedure is painless and can be performed in comparatively less time.

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The lingual frenulum is a fold of tissue connecting the tongue to the surface of the mouth. Some patients may have a short frenulum that may cause speech impairment and difficulty in eating.

Frenectomy is a minor surgical procedure that corrects frenulum imbalances. Laser technology allows dentists at AZ Cosmetic and Family Dentistry to perform this procedure quickly without causing any discomfort or pain.

Laser frenectomy promotes rapid healing and restores oral functionality in minimal time.

laser dentistry glendale

Bacterial Reduction

The moment we hear of cavities, we start blaming our sugar intake. However, the actual culprit here is the bacteria trapped in your mouth feeding on the sugar. Research has found that bacterial and acidity levels in the mouth vary from person to person.

Poor or insufficient oral hygiene allows bacteria to thrive and produce irritating toxins that cause cavities and damage the enamel on your teeth. Laser therapy can help control bacteria production in your mouth, minimizing the risk of cavities and improving oral health.

Our dentists in Glendale will examine and assess your oral health to recommend the procedure and its relative benefits. We take pride in educating our patients about different dental procedures and how they affect their oral hygiene.

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