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Is there something about your smile that you would like to change? Breakage, chipping, and discoloration of teeth are common occurrences that damage our cosmetic appearance and impact confidence. While discoloration is not a dental emergency, it may impact your self-esteem.

Numerous statistics reveal how your smile can impact your life. Your teeth are the first thing people notice when you smile or interact with them. If you are shying away from smiling because of discoloration, it is time to fix it.

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A smile makeover can significantly improve your cosmetic appearance and completely changes your smile. You will be surprised to learn that changing your oral appearance does not require extensive dental work. Advanced technology has equipped modern dentistry with innovative solutions that create impressive differences in no time.

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cosmetic bonding glendale az

Dental Bonding in Glendale, Arizona 

Dental bonding is a safe and reliable method of repairing damaged, cracked, and chipped teeth. With dental bonding, you can fill cavities and repair damage caused by tooth decay. Dental bonding can fill the gaps and conceal staining if you are suffering from discoloration, tooth loss, or misshapen teeth.

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure in which a composite material mimicking the tooth’s color is sculpted into shape to conceal breakage or gaps. After the material hardens, the dentist polishes the bond to allow it to look as natural as possible. Dental bonding is a painless procedure and can be performed in a single visit.

At our clinic in Glendale, anesthesia is not required in dental bonding procedures, so patients can continue routine activities after getting dental bonding produce done.

Maintaining Dental Bonding

Dental bonding can be long-lasting if taken care of properly. To ensure your bond remains intact, follow these guidelines:

  • Cut down on wine, tea, and coffee to prevent staining.
  • Avoid smoking to prevent enamel from wearing out.
  • Avoid biting hard objects, such as raw vegetables, nails, ice, etc.
  • If you feel any sharp edges or chipping, contact us immediately for touch-ups or repair.

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